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Thanks for checking out my information page!!

Last summer a friend and I made a commitment to do a crazy distance swim together.  And so, on August 13th, we are going to swim 20 kilometers of Lake Rosseau - a feat that is going to challenge me physically and mentally!

I had to witness as friends and family members endured the trials of cancer treatments.  It was a very tough job!  I could not imagine having to witness that with a sibling nor having to do it at a young age.

Mackenzie was a beautiful, lively, young girl who, sadly, passed away from cancer in 2012. During her illness one of her concerns was, "Can I still go to Muskoka Woods? And can Jamie (her younger brother) come with me?"

"Mackenzie's Hope" sponsors siblings of youth with cancer to come to Muskoka Woods for a week.  It is a time that allows them the freedom to think about things besides cancer.  It does not erase the pain or the sadness but it does give them a chance to smile just a little bit more.

I would really appreciate your support - prayer and/or financial. My goal is to raise $3,000 - just $150.00/KM - to support Muskoka Woods Youth Foundation. Every kid needs to experience summer camp... some just need it a little bit more than others.

Have the day you have ~

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  • Heather King - $500.00
  • The Minions - $250.00
  • Carol Poole - $200.00
  • Chris and Sarah Evans - $200.00
  • Andrew & Kira Jordan - $200.00
  • Goal $3,000.00
  • Raised $4,660.00
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Stacey Brayford 8/15/2016 $50.00
Carol Poole 8/15/2016 $200.00 You are amazing! Way to go!
Jackie Venneri 8/14/2016 $100.00 Way to go Sandra!!
Alex Kolbasnik 8/13/2016 $100.00 Outstanding swim today!
Tyler and Steph! 8/13/2016 $25.00
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