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Type Name Display Name City State Member Of
Individual Jestina Koornneef Jestina Koornneef Scarborough ON
Individual Matt R Reesor Matt Reesor Peterborough ON
Individual Sarah Bourque Sarah B Rosseau ON
Individual Jennifer Taylor Jennifer Taylor Oshawa ON
Individual Paula Darlington Paula Darlington Utterson ON
Individual Angela Maddalena Angela Maddalena Maple ON Kitchen team
Individual Ellen Duffield Ellen Duffield Rosseau ON Leadership Studio
Individual Jamie Kerr Jamie Kerr Caledon ON
Individual Tina Barlow Tina Barlow Orangeville ON
Individual Anna Bowes Anna Bowes Milton ON
Individual Leslie A Brushett Scott and Leslie Brushett Rosseau ON
Individual Mark Laiho Mark Laiho Rosseau ON
Individual Sandra Groves Groves 15 Aurora ON
Individual Kayleen Hoffmann Kayleen Hoffmann Rosseau ON Leadership Studio
Individual Chris Linnen Chris Linnen Scarborough ON Marketing & Sales
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